Labyrinth Mini Epics Sarah and William the Worm with Ludo




Travelling through the Labyrinth is tough work, so why not take a break and enjoy the company of friends?

On a quest celebrate Jim Henson’s 80’s classics, the MINI EPIC masterminds Mauro Santini and Jorgelina Yeme, have 3D sculpted your favourite cast of characters from Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

The friendship between these two is so inseparable we couldn’t bare to keep them apart. In fact, we thought the more the merrier, so had William the Worm join in too. No Labyrinth can trap this trio for long. Expand the troop by adding Jareth to the party!

Product Features
6.49 inches (16.5cm)
Made of vinyl
From the Labyrinth movie
Stylized vinyl figure
Highly detailed
Box Contents
Sarah and William the Worm figure
Ludo figure