Robin (Damian Wayne)



Robin is Batman’s protégé and crime-fighting partner. More than just a sidekick, Robin is an accomplished acrobat, a skilled fighter, and a sharp detective in his own right. Through rigorous and constant training, Robin maintains his physical edge, which, along with his knowledge of martial arts, makes him a formidable match for even the most experienced criminals. Although he does not possess any super powers, his discipline, training, and intelligence make him the natural leader of the Teen Titans!

Product Features:

Damian Wayne as Robin figure is based on the comic book Teen Titans #20 (Comics 2018)
Damian comes with a Batagrang throwing star, sword, and a base
Included collectable art card with Teen Titans #20 artwork on the front, and character biography on the back
Collect all additional Figures! Figures sold separately.